DIY install reboots but no access - ideas

Hi, just got started with this OS and I’m trying to DIY it with an AMD processor mini computer. I was able to install it via the flashed file, the unit restarts as the promp says, but I can not access the computer after that. I’ve tried on firefox as well as brave.
During installation, I only saw a screen for the two hard drives. I never got a screen for a password. After restart, I do not see an IP address on my router.
Any ideas would be helpful.

If you are certain nothing is coming onto the network, it might be worth trying a re-install. You can also plug in a monitor to potentially gather more info. It’s difficult to say what’s happening here without more context. Let me know what you find and we’ll see if we can get it diagnosed.

HA! figured it out. On this machine, the legacy boot did not work, but switching back to EUFI it worked just as expected. I’m going to post this on the known good hardware page.