DNS_FAIL error - resolved (VPN issue)

This morning, I was unable to log into start9 from my primary computer. I had flipped on Proton VPN for a minute, then shut it off. I kept getting DNS and tunnel errors. Rebooted, cleared browser cache, nothing. I was able to access start9 from my phone. I uninstalled the VPN and shut off Malwarebytes.
The second time I rebooted, I saw a flash of Proton VPN engaging and realized that it was operating on it’s own, inside a browser extension. I removed it and now everything is fine. I may reinstall it and toggle “allow LAN connections”, or may not after all this.

You started down a long road of configuration changes that eventually worked but might have been avoided with a simple hard refresh at the very beginning.

This is often a good place to begin:

Yes, I used that portion of start9 troubleshooting to identify the problem. You guys have done an outstanding job!

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