Do not have install StartOS option on GRUB menu


I am following the instructions here (Start9 | StartOS (x86)) to install StartOS on a Mini PC. When plugging the USB to the mini PC and booting it up, however, there is no StartOS installation option on the GRUB boot menu. Options on the menu are live system, live system (fail-safe mode), and utilities. [Screenshot removed - new user can put at most 1 image]
After choosing live system, the system fails to boot up with some errors. Screenshot:

I use a 16GB USB drive and balenaEtcher to flash StartOS ISO to the USB. I also tried a few StartOS ISO including startos-, startos-0.3.5-871f78b_x86_64.iso, and startos- But all of them does not have installation option on the GRUB menu when booting up.

The Mini PC hardware: CPU AMD R9-7940, 32G RAM, 2T SSD.

Also, installing and running Umbrel OS on the PC is successful.

Could anyone shed some insight on this issue? Please let me know if you need more information.

Which version of StartOS are you trying to flash?

If you have been trying to use the x86_64.iso this might be what is causing the issue you are seeing on your hardware. The x86_64-nonfree.iso file is the recommended one to go with.

This version has additional drivers which are sometimes needed when working with DIY hardware.

I flashed startos- to the USB drive, and had the same issue.

You might need to poke around in your BIOS/UEFI settings, though for your specific case I can’t say what exactly you might be looking for or what might be wrong.

After a quick search for similar issues, I’ve found things like…

  1. Turning on legacy boot
  2. Updating firmware
  3. Toggling IOMMU settings

Might also be worth trying a different media to flash with the .iso, it might be a hardware issue there.