Does anybody do Service Packaging?

I’d really like to help build out the application options for eOS. I’m slowly migrating most everything to my server, but I’ve been looking at the options for Umbrel and they are vast.

I’d like a personal finance management software for a few reasons: Not stored on someone else’s computer, easy access for the family, and if I kick the bucket my family only has log into the server for our finances, passwords, files etc.

Two options are: and Ghostfolio – Open Source Wealth Management Software
Both options are packaged for Umbrel, but open source.
GitHub - firefly-iii/firefly-iii: Firefly III: a personal finances manager and GitHub - ghostfolio/ghostfolio: Open Source Wealth Management Software. Angular + NestJS + Prisma + Nx + TypeScript 🤍

Does anybody in this community have the experience to make these into a package for eOS?
I’m willing to provide some financial support.


It looks like Ghostfolio is also on the unofficial feedback forum - you may wish to upvote it there, and maybe add firefly - along with your desire to help fund the projects. One day we would like to moderate a bounty system, but there are many challenges involved here, so for now a dev would just have to work with you directly to sort out how that contract would work.