Does Nextcloud on port 80 (http) + 443 (https) prevent a web server on port 80?

I have Nextcloud running on my server and have used port forwarding on my router to route port 80 (http) and 443 (https) to my StartOS server. But I’m wondering how a webserver (like Ghost, or Pages) can also share those same ports - or do they?

Is it possible to run Nextcloud, Pages, and Ghost all on the same StartOS server? Thank you.

Yes, you can run all of these at once. StartOS handles all networking, and a custom reverse proxy is handling all the connections. That said, port forwarding is not officially supported, and you are on your own at this time to figure out how to make that work without collision. As of StartOS v040, this will also be handled largely by the OS, in an accessible manner.

Honestly, I am not even sure that ports 80 and 443 are required by Nextcloud. I just forwarded them because I thought Nextcloud needed them open. I did not see any official documentation stating that they had to be open. I suspect that Tor bypasses such ports in some way; I need to do more reading about Tor to see how it works.

I think that ports might not be needed because when I open up a Tor window in the Brave browser, I get a pop-up message saying, “Tor is connected!” (or something like that). And all that occurs before I even enter an URL. So I am confident that the browser window is not contacting any destination web server on port 80 on my behalf at that moment. I will stop the port forwarding and ask my friend if he can still connect to the Nextcloud server on my StartOS box.

You do not need to open any ports. Our guides expressly state exactly what is needed for any particular set up. StartOS is designed to be accessible, and as such, advanced networking knowledge is not required to host your own server. Yes, tor does NAT traversal. When you get a “Tor is connected” message, that is because your browser has connected to the tor network, not because it has contacted a server.

Excellent, thank you.