Downloading of Services from the Start9 Registry into my Server through a VPN

Dear Start9 Community,

I know that for some VPNs (eg Mullvad or ProtonVPN) a client can make a remote connection to the Start9 server through the VPN. What I would like to know is if it is possible to have the Start9 server behind a VPN.

If what I described is not currently possible in the Start9 OS, do you foresee any problems if I use a hardware solution like a Flint Router? I would use the Flint as an intermediary (between my network and the VPN) to encrypt (or to decrypt) all my network traffic before leaving my home network (or receiving it into my home network).

One problem that I can think of is if Start9 servers will cancel the request of downloading a Service from the Registry if they detect that the request comes from an IP identified to belong to a VPN service.

Thank you

When StartOS v. 0.3.6 comes out it will offer a greater flexibility for network connections and this set up you are mentioning might be possible.
One thing that might be a good setup is having a VPN set up on your Router.

There’s no issue with downloading updates from the Start9 registry from behind a VPN. That’s all perfectly fine. But using a VPN as a means to access your server remotely is not yet supported. If your Server is behind a VPN router, Tor will still be needed to access it remotely.