Dual Boot and Partitioning With Another Linux Distro

I’m trying to fill in the gaps on the process that will allow me to run Linux and StartOS on a mini PC that I just installed a fresh 2TB NVME SSD in. While the drive is currently untouched, is this the correct process:

  1. Flash whatever Linux Distro I choose (any faves for StartOS interaction? I was using Ubuntu on the old 1TB drive.
  2. Use disk tools in the Linux distro to create the sizes of partitions that I feel I will need for a) what I am going to use Linux for and b) what I am going to use StartOS for. (Main goal for the StartOS partition to be able to have a good array of StartOS services including an unpruned Bitcoin Node and a Lightning node.
  3. Flash StartOS to the partition that has been created for StartOS stuff
  4. Use F12 for selecting what OS to boot to at boot?
  5. Use the regular Linux distro for general Linux self-education, disk tools, display and sound properties, and for being able to navigate to and browse other storage devices that are connected. Incuding the folder that I am sending my StartOS backups to on a 3TB external USB drive that has already been used with Ubuntu for backups.

StartOS, being a server OS is designed to be run 24/7 and not on a dual boot system.
Our recommendation is always to run StartOS on a dedicated system. If you really want to run everything on one system then the other option you might have is running StartOS in a VM such as Proxmox.

Thanks so much for your reply! Ok, I’m totally cool with that. The only reason I was even considering having another Linux distro onboard was, as of now, I’ve been unable to locate a place on the server where I can:

  • access settings like desktop resolution for the hardware
  • browse connected formerly Linux format USB storage media to wipe it and dedicate it solely to backups of what I do in StartOS
  • access command line so I can continue learning Linux command line basics for file and folder manipulation and doing other things from the command line.

Can I do any of these things just with StartOS onboard?

Thanks for your help. I’m really excited to start this journey into sovereign computing and being my own server for many end uses. Cheers

Are you familiar with using SSH (Secure Shell Protocol)? SSH is a secure protocol used for remotely accessing other computers, in this case your StartOS server (StartOS is a Linux distribution, by the way). SSH would allow you to securely and remotely access your server’s CLI.

Using SSH to audit and operate your server could be a good way to go “under-the-hood” of your server and learn Linux/sysadmin skills. Here is the link to our documentation on how to use it.

Just be advised, actions taken using SSH are largely outside the limits of what we can officially support. So attempt anything complicated/unknown at your own risk, ideally without any sensitive data at play. Hope this helps.