Electrs 0.10.0 Sync Status it's “Paralised”

What do you recommend I do in this case, whit the app electrs 0.10.0?
Let it “sync” for the period of time indicated by the UI (please look Sync Status - message)?
Or do a restart doing a full reboot turning the Start9 machine off and on?
It’s been like this for more than an hour.

Sync Status - message:

Catching up to blocks from bitcoind. This should take at most a day. Progress: 815232 of 815242 blocks (99%)

You might have already done this by now, but try restarting just the service from the UI and see what it does. That’ll probably kickstart it. If you happen to be on a very low powered machine, you might also do well to stop any of the other services that you might have running (just those that Electrs doesn’t have as dependencies).

And to completely clear the RAM so electrs has space to work… yes, simply restart the machine.

Hey @StuPleb thank you for your advice.

It was definitely necessary to reboot all the devices I’m using it: the modem, the S9-SO and the computer. After this, which in my case took approximately seven minutes, everything returned to green.

In any case, I was quite disconcerted by the situation, which most likely started when I was making some transactions with Sparrow wallet, since I have it connected to Electrs 0.10.0.

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