Electrs installation "finishing database compaction..."

Is this normal?

~24hrs to install
~48 hrs and still waiting for “Finishing database compaction…”
Running PI4, 8gb, 2TB SSD, 20W power supply, Ice tower cooling fan. CPU is running at 33C, ethernet wired connection 600mb DL speed.
Yes, I have refreshed the page.
The ONLY other service that is running s Bitcoin core. (It wasn’t clear to me if I should have stopped that when I started the install for Electrs.

24hrs to install doesn’t make any sense, it either installs or gets stuck, which requires a reboot - did you do anything in that period? The rest sounds pretty normal. The Pi is seriously bottle-necked by both the CPU and the data connection. We are moving away from them, especially with external drives.

I did nothing during that period. I started the install for Electrs and then didn’t touch it.
Between my first message and your reply it says “Health check failed…bitcoin core will not work as expected.” and also “Health check failed…electrs will not work as expected.”

I’m trying to stop and restart both services. (one at a time, of course, bitcoin core first).
It seems to be hanging at “starting…”

yeah, so 35 minutes later and the bitcoin core service is still spinning “starting…”

@AG2 You’ll need to take a look at Services > Bitcoin Core’s > Logs to see what could be wrong. It sounds like it’s in a restart loop, which getting out of will most-likely require a remedy via Services > Bitcoin Core > Actions.

I’ll do that. I’ll take a look at the logs. In the meantime, I think a reboot took care of the problem. RPC and Sync show success.
I think in the future, I’ll do a reboot between each service installation.

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A reboot can often solve problems, but keep in mind that those problems should be getting more and more rare. With the latest version (, the OS is becoming quite stable, and this is only improving as we get everything tightened up, learning what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to reach out if you have an issue for more tips. We want to help you get maximum uptime!

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