Embassy Pro device in diagnostic mode after Bitcoin Core update

Updated to the latest Bitcoin Core 26.0 and the update never finished, been hanging.
So I restarted and now the server is not responding at all. Browser using my unique .local address lists all installed services as “unknown” status. When I try to click on any services or system restart etc. I get “Error. Gateway timeout”
If I try to access the IP address it goes into “StartOS - diagnostic mode”.
Same issue whether i use my laptop via Chrome browser or Safari on iPhone.
Message says:
"Database error
Job for postgresql@15-main.service failed because the service did not take the steps required by its unit configuration. See “systemctl status postgresql@15-main.service” and “journalctl -xeu postgresql@15-main.service” for details.

Possible Solutions: Please contact support

It also has options to Restart Server, System Rebuild, and Repair Drive. I did the first two with no change.

Did you also update the OS recently? Unfortunately you have database corruption and fixing this is a bit tricky and risky. This could happen if power was lost during an update. Are you able to reach out via telegram or matrix so we can have a faster back and forth to attempt the fix?