EmbassyOS launch error network error

Greetings, esteemed community members,

I am seeking your assistance in the installation of EmbassyOS. Specifically, I am attempting to install it on a Dell OptiPlex 5070 System, but I am encountering a launch error related to a networking issue.

it could not detect ethernet interface

I humbly request your guidance and advice on how to resolve this matter. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


What is your networking connection? Are you using Ethernet? If so, it’s possible that your network driver is unsupported, which would likely be due to it being proprietary. You might want to research in this direction and report back with your findings.

The reason we do not support any proprietary drivers at this time is because our base image, PureOS, consists entirely of only open source software/firmware. We are discussing allowing users to sidestep this, but have not yet formulated a strategy on how. This is only an issue on DIY hardware, which we cannot offer official support to at this time, due to bandwidth limitations (there is potentially unlimited hardware, and we are a small team).