embassyOS Update Failed

My embassy seems to be functioning fine generally, but I can see there’s a System update pending. When I attempt to update I receive the following error:

embassyOS Update Failed
Update was not successful because of Filesystem I/O Error: rsync error: 10 rsync: [Receiver] failed to connect to registry.start9.com ( Connection refused (111) rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(139) [Receiver=3.2.7]

I have no idea where to start troubleshooting. Why would my connection be refused?

We are currently having registry issues that are affecting a handful of users and are currently in the process of investigating what the cause of the issue is.
You can always flash update to whatever version is displayed in the UI by following our Flashing Guides.
Follow the on-screen instructions to Install StartOS and use the option “Re-Install” to preserve all data.