Error during StartOS backup


Any suggestion:

Hi, did this happen for Lightning-Terminal only or were you backing up other Services which also failed to backup?

When attributes won’t transfer that’s a good indication that you’re backing up to an unsupported filesystem like NTFS (or FAT32?).

If you’re using external media like a USB disk, try copying the contents off of it, formatting it with EXFAT type filesystem, and then copying the contents back to it, and then perform the backup again.

If you’re backing up to a windows network share, perhaps try creating the share on a different disk on the system that doesn’t use NTFS.

Hi, only for Lightning-Terminal, the rest are ok (green). And only when I made backup on the additional installed hard drive (exFAT). When I made it to Network folder backup was fully ok.

Can you confirm what version of StartOS you’re on?

System > INSIGHTS > About > Version & Git Hash please

Also what version is your Lightning Terminal?

Any updates on this issue? I’m having the same problem. I’m backing up to an external USB hard drive (exFAT). Only lightning terminal app (version 0.12.3) is giving me this error message whenever I try to back up. StartOS version 0.3.5~1 on one of the refurbished HP elitedesk units.

If you are a Linux user, try to format EXT. This is a known bug, which is being fixed in Terminal now. A release will be available once properly tested.

Thanks. I will just wait for the fix then.