Exit Coded 134? Bitcoind crash

My Bitcoin Core is not syncing.
I keep getting this in my OS Log.

2024-02-09T10:08:27-05:00 2024-02-09T15:08:27.548314Z DEBUG run_main :check : startos::manager::health: Checking health of bitcoind
2024-02-09T10:08:41-05:00 2024-02-09T15:08:41.100755Z ERROR startos::manager::manager_container: The service bitcoind has crashed with the following exit code: 134

Hi there! Is Bitcoin running healthily? Those high exit codes on other services have been determined by one of our devs to be binary corruption on a few people’s installs after updating. You might try System > System Rebuild.

RPC is green. The sync is at 3.2% and not progressing. I tried a System Rebuild and nothing changed. Today I am only occasionally seeing this:
ERROR startos::manager::manager_container: The service bitcoind has crashed with the following exit code: 135.

What hardware are you running and what is the StartOS version? Was this machine purchased from Start9? If this is only the beginning of the Initial Block Download (IBD), you can try removing this instance and starting from the beginning.


I am running a Dell Vostro 3470 with Intel Core I5 8400, 24 Gb Ramm and 1 TB SSD.
Did not purchased from Start9.
I have started over and trusted the Root CA.
Have started a new Core sync.
Thanks for your help.

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Did the problem go away?

I have done a rebuild and it progressed to 17.83% then it quit and I am getting the “exit code 134” again.
I am not sure what to try next.

I’ve never seen this before, you may have a hardware problem. What version of StartOS and Bitcoin? Are you able to try on a different machine, or perhaps a different SSD? Moving to DIY, Hacking, & How-To

I am on version StartOs.
My Bitcoin version is 26.0.0.
This is my second hard drive.
I started with a 4 Tb regular drive and got to 72% before it stopped syncing.

You will definitely want to use an SSD. This is sounding like a hardware problem. It is definitely powerful enough, but there could be another issue. Do you have any other devices you can test from?

Found this in the Kernal Log:
2024-02-20T15:29:06-05:00 IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready
2024-02-20T15:29:06-05:00 IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): veth1: link becomes ready
2024-02-20T15:29:06-05:00 br-start9: port 2(veth1) entered blocking state
2024-02-20T15:29:06-05:00 br-start9: port 2(veth1) entered forwarding state
2024-02-20T15:29:31-05:00 br-start9: port 2(veth1) entered disabled state
2024-02-20T15:29:31-05:00 device veth1 left promiscuous mode

I will try another computer.

These are normal logs

I found and removed a wifi board on the mother board.
That seems to have fixed the problem.
Bitcoin synced in less than 2 days.
Thanks for your help!

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