Failed SMP Server for SimpleX App on iOS

Since September this year, today I have had the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the “little problems the wonderful S9-SO (Start9 Server One) is giving me.”

I add a screenshot of the error SimpleX app throws in iOS when entering the standard server the S9-SO device has for SimpleX (in Spanish).

I have tried several times to get it working, unfortunately the SMP-Server always appears to fail. I have read the FAQS, followed some videos, one of them from Ben Perrin (BTC Sessions), but there is no progress on it.
The app works well with standard servers.

If you know the correct solution so that I can connect my iOS device to the “Relay” of the server which S9-SO offers, please do not hesitate to write your comments, I will be very happy to read them.

Did you follow this guide during setup? SimpleX for StartOS Usage Instructions | Usage instructions for the SimpleX service wrapper on StartOS.

Yes bro. I have followed those steps, I even activated and deactivated the functions to use only the onion, using Orbot app.
I can imagine the situation would have to do with the difference between the S9-SO and S9-SP device. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.
But if there is another solution, I would be happy to read it.
Meanwhile I am connected to the app’s standard servers :wink:

This is almost always a problem with Orbot, or Apple breaking something with an update. I’m guessing you have already tried restarted Orbot/iPhone? Can you let us know your iOS version and I can test this?

Sure. Thank you for your replay and interests to find a “common” solution about the topic.
I am using iOS V 17.1.1
Please let me know your solutions.
Have a great day.

Based on chats in recent days, it sounds like Orbot on iOS has been broken again. You may like to reach out to the Orbot team to see what’s going on. I’m guessing your other tor services on iOS will also be flaky as a result. We’re working hard to get more networking options together to avoid these inconveniences.