Failure: Android firefox beta with orbot proxy

Andoid 14
Firefox beta 124.0b8 from play store
Orbot 16.6.3-RC-1-tor. from play store

Followed all directions at
and Start9 | Configuring Firefox for Tor

In firefox beta, all onion URLs produce the error “Address not found”.

You’ll need to very slowly and carefully walk through each of the steps. Any slight mistake will cause this to not work. 99% of the time, this is what is wrong.

What is the status or Orbot? Is it connected and working?
When completed, did you close Firefox Beta completely and open it again?

Thanks for the reply StuPleb. Orbot is connected. Works fine in VPN mode. Just can’t seem to get Firefox beta to work via orbot proxy. Have verified each step several times; closed and reopened Firefox; rebooted Android.

Sounds like I’m at a dead end on this issue for the time being. At some point I’ll do a virgin reinstall of Android, ca cert trust, orbot, Firefox beta.

Zooming out, it’s a real pain to try to simultaneously use tor for some apps and clearnet for others. Throw in a desire to use a regular VPN for clearnet traffic… Tor for start9 service apps when away from home network and clearnet home network when home… etc.

Has anyone solved this in an elegant way? What I really need is a network layer that conditionally forces certain traffic to route through tor proxy, other traffic to local subnet, other traffic to clearnet VPN. Bonus would be to universally enforce CA certs.

Not that we know of. Perhaps overlay networks or split tunneling can assist with this. We intend to make advanced networking like this more approachable in the future, but at this time we are focused on the personal server.