Filesystem I/O Error - Raspberry Pi - older version

Hi, users - low technical ability here, and new to Embassy, however I have an older (2022 raspi device with external SDD - no idea what StartOS version I’m using) that isn’t working.

I shut the server down in Mar 2022, and have recently tried restarting at my new home (same wifi network), but my URL and TOR addresses won’t work. I get a “DNS not found” error.

Then, if I type “embassy” into the address line of my web browser (Brave, but same result for Edge and Firefox), I get the attached screenshot which reads,

"Filesystem I/O Error

mount: /embassy-data/package-data: can’t read superblock on /dev/mapper/EMBASSY_LPTPN42EE53EVXTR4DMJGFDTWAGRN7VTSZMLDQZHWBKOTXSIIDVA_package-data."

Possible Solution reads, “Please contact support.”

This happens at the http://embassy/#/ URL.

Any help appreciated. I don’t have much data on this SSD, so I’m all ears if there I need to start from scratch, and how to do so.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gary,

A Filesystem I/O Error usually indicates an issue with your drive. Please check your server’s IP address in the browser to see if anything comes up. However, it’s worth mentioning that Start9 now recommends avoiding the use of external SSDs on Raspberry Pis due to the common power issues that many users encounter. The typical Raspberry Pi may struggle to supply sufficient power to some or most drives.
The only real solution if you need to run an external drive is to use an external independently powered hard drive enclosure. Let us know if you find something on the IP address.

Hi, H0mer, and thanks for the quick reply!

Well, I was able to log into my server through the IP address! Thanks for the heads up regarding powered enclosures. Anything special to look for in an enclosure of that type? Would it just be a matter of reinstalling the drive into the new enclosure and plugging into the router’s USB port (and plugging power into the enclosure, of course) :wink: ?

I don’t have any recommendations for enclosures. Yeah, it would simply involve plugging it back in… That said, it seems like you are experiencing issues with mDNS resolutions. This is a common problem on Windows machines, and sometimes it can occur on Macs. To resolve it on Windows, usually, a reinstallation of Bonjour is the trick, and a simple restart on Macs. Additionally, I would advise updating your StartOS to the latest version 0351 and all the services as well. If you are running Bitcoin Core, be advised that starting from version 25.0, it does not require the Bitcoin proxy, and you can uninstall it.