"Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site."

Just updated Core to 26 and all other services that needed an update.
Everything shows green as running, but UI not accessible.
Re-trusted root CA and followed Firefox trusting instructions.
no clue where to start.

Trying to connect to Mempool and CLN UI. both give same message.

.onion UI link works for Mempool, but not .local

.onion address works for CLN UI, but not .local

If you cannot access .local addresses there is a couple troubleshooting steps you can follow. Here are the specific directions from our documentation:

I am unable to reach my server via its .local (LAN) address

If these steps don’t fix the issue you can come over to our Telegram Community and we can troubleshoot further in real time.

Reloaded Itunes64 and Bonjour64 and was immediately able to connect. Thank you!