Home directory purged on restart

Is it expected that the content of home directory /home/start9 is deleted on restart?

I cannot find anything about that in FAQ or docs.
I just lost many important files :rage:

Luckily Postgres container volume is stored under /var

Hi marfu!

It seems there might be some confusion regarding the use of the Start9 server, sir. For file storage purposes, we typically recommend utilizing services such as Nextcloud or Filebrowser. These services are hosted on your server and can be accessed either through a graphical user interface (GUI) or by connecting with a native application.

This is by design to prevent unwanted changes done by user. If you want to make changes to the file system you can ssh in and run:


make your changes in the resulting shell, and then reboot. Depending on the changes you made they may be erased when you next upgrade StartOS though.

I hope it helps.

Hey @H0mer ,

thanks for the info, would be good to mention it somewhere in the docs.
With red exclamation marks.

Ok, looks like Start9 OS doesn’t exactly fit my requirements.
I wanted to use your beautiful UI and support for Bitcoin-related stuff, but I also want to use the machine as a proper server for self-hosted systems - Postgre database, multiple custom apps, testing environment for my dev projects, CI environment, etc.