How can I change the network setup?

I did setup my start9 node, synced the bitcoin blockchain, and all works fine, but now I would like to move the node from my local LAN to my DMZ, where I don’t use DHCP, but instead I setup fixed IP addresses (where I can port forward to). Since I want my LND node to be reachable (not only via tor but regular IPv4 as well).

But how can I do that? When I add my config to /etc/network/interfaces (or /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf ) embassyOS seems to remove that config upon reboot.

The only options I see now, is to either setup a dhcp server in the DMZ or use umbrel instead. I’d prefer neither of those options.

At the moment, it’s not supported in StartOS. In the upcoming update v040, a wide range of networking tools will be implemented that will make Clearnet an option for each service. Technically, it’s possible to achieve what you want, but you’ll either have to hack it on your own or wait for v040. It’s a work in progress, and I can’t provide you with any ETA for the release.

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I’ll just add to @H0mer’s answer that the networking stack that we’re bringing into the OS is an approachable method that does not exist anywhere else, and will replace all the hacked together solutions that other projects are using, such as tailscale. It will be worth the wait.