How can I use other drives for different services?

Hello world.
First post here.
This weekend I was able to run start9 on an old HP ProDesk 16GB ram Intel I5.

I’m running StartOS on a M.2 2TB drive, I would like to store Bitcoin Core in an external SSD and use NexCloud to access another SATA drive. Is this possible?

I can see the other drives when I want to create a backup of my system, but I couldn’t find any options to assign services to drives.

I’m new to this, thanks.

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StatOS does not currently support using external drives for service data. You can use external drives for backups only. You can run the StartOS operating system on a separate drive from your services but this is not recommended unless your external drive is sufficiently powered. Using an external drive would put you in DIY category and will not be supported officially. But you can always found help in our DIY forum or Telegram Telegram: Contact @start9_labs