How do I fix offline channels?

Hi, Bitcoin and LND is running but all my channels are showing offline. Do you recommend I perform a scan of UTXO?

Scanning for UTXOs would have no real effect on channels, except perhaps by some specific scenarios where channels failed to open because of delayed TXs.

How exactly did this happen? Who opened these channels? Were they batch or individually opened? Were they online before? Or did they never come online?

You haven’t provided any information at all.

Some steps I’d recommend would be to restart LND, but, because this could be a connection issue, you’d probably want to restart Tor too, and the best way to do both at the same time would be to restart your entire server.

Also think about any network changes you might have made recently. Any changes on the router. Check whether you’re able to access your Server’s main UI over Tor.

This should all at least get you started.