How to increase Mempool size

Hi all, I’ve got my start9 node fully synced, electrs is working etc, however I would like to increase my node’s mempool size to get some more accurate fee estimate (also my mini PC has 16gig ram and a intel i5 so it should have no issues from a hardware resource perspective). So what I have done in the bitcoin core config is I have increased the max mempool size to 1000 and I also have my database cache at 1000 (i increased it when doing the IBD and left it there ever since) but my mempool does not ever get bigger than around 200-230ish MB. This results in fee estimate that often deviate by a handful of sat/Vb from (which has a mempool size of around 1 gig).

I understand that I can just use the public to look up fees but since i have the hardware capacity and a functional node it would be nice to be able to look up everything in a self soverign fashion.

I have also left it at the current settings for just over a week BTW to see if the mempool fills up gradually but it just remains around 200-230 approximately. Also there are 6peers in and 10 out so i dont think that would be a bottleneck.

All ideas are appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

What is your Mempool expiration set to? Likely txs are expiring instead of persisting. It will likely take some time to build up to what has stored, and they may have txs from a year ago. Also, I’d recommend you return your dbcache to default, this is only used for speeding up IBD.

Keep in mind that your mempool (and all mempools) will always vary slightly from

Yes, I forgot to note in the original post i increased it from i think 300 something to 1000. ill reset the dbcache. Thanks

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That’s still less than 6 weeks