How to install rebalance-lnd

Hello guys I need some help to install rebalance-lnd using docker or python from GitHub - C-Otto/rebalance-lnd: A script that can be used to balance lightning channels of a lnd node. my main problem is to locate path for data/lnd and admin.macaroon

did you have some idea where it’s

You would need to exec into the docker container (after ssh’ing in) using this guide (replace bitcoind with lnd): Start9 | Bitcoin CLI

Please note that we do not support anything that you do in here, and the recommended way to add new software is to package it into an s9pk.

thanks for your answer I temporal fix my need as see below

sudo docker run --rm --network=start9 -v /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/lnd/data/main/public:/root/.lnd rebalancelnd/rebalance-lnd --grpc lnd.embassy:10009

Will this command work to run rebalance-lnd?

yes, this command work as it, but for simple use is better to assign it as an aliases

Cool can’t wait to give it shot!

So i installed it and setup an alias… but for what ever reason when running the command i get a lot of this] Invalid toplevel subdomain: embassy

It eventually gives me the output but would love to eliminate this CLI Spam… Any Ideas?