How to install StartOS on older "intel" MacBook?

Anyone know of a step by step guide/video on how to set up StartOS on a intel based MacBook ?
I have all the parts and was just about to go down the Raspberry Pi path until I found the new warning about doing this, “end of life cycle”, difficulties. Need to pivot and have my old MacBook available

Hey there. Our DIY documentation/guide applies to all x86 machines and should give you everything you need from a step-by-step perspective to set up StartOS on your machine.

The question is whether your machine is one that we know other users have successfully configured to run StartOS on in the past. We provide general specification requirements in the documentation that I linked to, but our [Known-Good Hardware Master List] Hardware Capable of Running StartOS is our best source of truth on actual known successful examples. You will find several Apple machines on there already. Please review and let us know what you think.

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