How to speed up Nextcloud

So I installed Nextcloud and a couple other services but am having some issues. Nextcloud is moving ridiculously sluggish, even with a direct connection to the server. I know it eating up resources. I am only at about 30% RAM and 25% CPU. Does anybody know a way to help speed up Nextcloud? Could it be that Nextcloud is somehow limited in its container?

What reason do you have that resources are being eaten? It sounds like your CPU and RAM are not being taxed in this case? What exact behavior are you witnessing and what hardware are you on?

Now that I think about it, it may be the Hard Drive. I am running it on a HDD. I notice the biggest lag when I first log into an account or I switch into another main part of the Nextcloud app. An example would be if I go from the Dashboard to the Admin interface, it takes about 8 seconds. However, If I am just changing directories, it doesn’t really have a lag.
I have 16GiB of RAM, 1 TB HDD, Ryzen 3200 something another, and a Asus x570.

That is your problem. We highly advise AGAINST using an HDD, especially for high demand services like Nextcloud.

Well darn, I guess I need to get some upgrades. Thanks for the help!

See this guide for the transfer process:

Thanks, I didn’t have much to transfer so I did it without any fancyness. I just wiped everything and started over.

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