How to upload a file to Vaultwarden

hi all

I noticed a thread elsewhere that someone couldn’t upload a file to vaultwarden, so I’m assuming it’s possible

can someone tell me where to do this? for the life of me I can’t find upload attachment anywhere :confused:

Vaultwarden/Bitwarden allow “Secure Notes,” which means any text can be stored, but they don’t have explicit file uploads at this time. You could store something like an image encoded in text (e.g. base64) if you wanted to, however.

EDIT: Added corrected answer below

I wanted to add to this answer. It seems I was mistaken. You can actually add attachments via the browser extension. Go to an item and enter the edit menu. You will see an option for “Attachments,” and clicking this will bring you to a dialogue to add a file from your local machine. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.