HP EliteDesk Post Install troubleshooting

Hi folks,

Im new to this so Im just trying to figure this out. I have a HP EliteDesk 800 G3 with windows 10 and I was able to get Start 9 installed (startos- by following the post below.

“ matias Oct 31

I managed to install StartOS just now. The solution was very simple. Followed the guide for flashing my USB drive. Plugged it into the computer. Went into BIOS by pressin F10 repeatedly, restored the BIOS to factory default. Saved and exited, entered BIOS again upon the automatic reboot by pressing F10 again. Went to boot options under the Advanced tab, made sure the UEFI-boot order was set to USB at the top of the list under UEFI. Then the crucial part that made the installation successful: I went to the Advanced Tab, to “Secure boot configuration” and under Configure Legacy Support and Secure Boot I choose “Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Disable”. “

I was connected to wifi when I did the install and I didn’t see any Root CA downloaded, maybe because I wasnt plugged into an ether cable. I tried logging in from my other laptop using start.local but that didn’t work.

So I connected the EliteDesk to my monitor again after plugging into the ether cable and was able to log in. I read the user guide on the server and was able to download the Root CA file to firefox. But the guide says to download bonjour for windows. This confuses me as I don’t know how to do anything in windows now that Start 9 in installed. I thought everything would be done from within start 9 and that I wouldnt have access to windows. Could you please explain this to me? What should I do, Is there a simple way to switch from Start 9 to windows desktop that Im unaware of? Sorry, Im just learning this stuff.

Thank you!

Good day.

Bonjour is used for your Windows Machine and not for the Start9 Server. If you for instance were using a Mac or a Linux machine to access your Server, then you would not see anything about Bonjour in those guides but only for the Windows guide.

Does that make sense?

Ok that makes sense, thanks! I was able to find my custom server link for LAN and get the cert working.