HTTPS required in Brave Tor browser for accessing .onion Vaultwarden Vault

I am trying to access my Vaultwarden vault via the .onion address. I’m using Brave Browser in a Tor window.
After inputting the email/master password I get an error:

“This browser requires HTTPS to use the web vault. Check teh Vaultwarden wiki for details on how to enable it”

Unfortunately this is a known issue that the Brave developers seem to have no interest in fixing. We have been asking for this feature for years at this point - - maybe let them know you’d like to see it?

As a result we do not recommend Brave for general purpose use, although it works well for LAN access. Firefox/Librewolf are the most compatible with embassyOS across the board.

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thanks for the response. Looks like Librewolf it is until this is fixed. Thanks!