I am unable to reach my server

I am fairly new to this but recently got my Bitcoin Core fully synced, but after a outage and a few days offline I cant reach it.
I can ping the IP but the .local address does not work. The IP address send me to diagnostic mode, where I have tried to restart server and system rebuild without any luck.

The log show me error “did not take the steps required by its unit configuration” but not sure what that means.

I have tried to hard refresh the browser, cleared the cashe/history, flush the DNS and reboot the router and server. I also reinstalled Bonjour, as I’m on Windows, again no luck.

Hello there! Could you please provide the full error message, or even better, a screenshot from diagnostic mode?

Hi, thanks for looking - hope this helps !

Could you please provide additional information regarding the hardware you are using? Specifically, I am interested in knowing if it is a custom-built machine or a server purchased from Start9.

It’s a custom build on very old hardware. AMD Fusion E-350 (1.6 Ghz Dual Core) with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD.

It took two weeks to complete syncing Bitcoin Core, but was working fine until the outage.

Could the issue be that it didn’t power down correctly?

The last option you can try is to re-flash StartOS again and then follow the “Recover” > "use-existing-drive" option. If that doesn’t help, it’s most likely something with your hardware.

Unfortunately that didn’t work either, but hank you for the suggestions. Starting from scratch again. :crossed_fingers:

Sorry to hear that, but we are here if you need us

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