Imported BTC & LND from Umbrel - recover seed disappeared

It was very fast and easy to transfer my LND node from Umbrel but what is now the status of the 24 word seed I had for LND? Can it still be used somehow to recover the wallet if things go bad? I see a section about LND Aezeed Cipher Seed. Should I now close my channels empty wallets and start over so I can have a recovery seed?

If you transferred from umbrel and you have your seed phrase, then it is unchanged and you can continue to store it as a backup. Please be aware however, that we only support restoring from the StartOS backup flow. Also be aware that your seed phrase does not back up your channels in any way, this is part of the reason we have our own backup flow for LND. This is different from Umbrel, who just don’t have a backup system (kind of important).

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Thanks for your response. I would like to understand this better.

What can be restored with the seed phrase if not the lightning channels, the on-chain wallet?

I currently manage my LND channels with ThunderHub, how often do I need to back it up?

What is the advantage if any, of closing my channels and starting a new LND wallet so I can have a Aezeed Cipher seed available on Start9?

Yes, the onchain funds are the only ones known to the seed.

Backup frequency will depend on your use. As a rule of thumb, any major event, such as opening a lightning channel, may be a good time for a backup. I personally also backup before system updates, and then with some regularity, as I am always adding files, etc. In v0.4 of the OS, we will offer automation and scheduling for backups, and more granular control.

If you already have the seed, then there is no advantage. Plus you would have to pay lots of fees to close and re-open your channels.

StartOS backups handle both onchain and static channel backups anyhow, so there’s really not much advantage even with the seed. The only argument I can think of is that you would have it if StartOS stopped existing and your backups got corrupted. Fairly unlikely, and you would have plenty of warning about this.

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Thank you, I feel comfortable about the backups now.

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