Initial Start Up - no request for permanent address info

Purchased mini computer, asked friend to have an employee at his network and security company to wipe windows and install Start9 OIS. Initialized Start 9 this morning and noticed it skipped “download permanent address info”. Proceeded directly to Welcome StartOS screen. I then selected Secure LAN to attempt to download Certificate from website troubleshooting steps and located/downloaded file “prepaid-jaguars.local.crt” but the OS asked for an application to download and it appears I do not have an application to choose from. I have limited experience working on computers and want to ensure this is setup correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, and welcome! It sounds like you are accessing in “Kiosk Mode” (meaning with a keyboard/mouse and monitor). SSL is setup automatically in this case, and it is not necessary to set up the LAN cert as a result. This is used for other client devices that you connect with (such as a laptop or phone).