Installation without ethernet

Hi, I noticed that it’s possible to use wifi rather than an ethernet connection. However, I don’t seem to be able to install without a network interface. embassyOS fails to launch with an error of “Network error - Could not detect ethernet interface”. Is it possible to install with only wifi?

Next question, if not possible to install with wifi only, is it possible to install using a usb-c to ethhernet (rj45) adapter?

Hi there,
It is not possible at this time to install via WiFi, and the use of WiFi in general is discouraged. embassyOS is server software and requires the fastest and most reliable connection possible. To this end, we only support WiFi for situations that have absolutely no choice. Even in this case, set up via ethernet is required. We recommend using a friend’s connection for setup and adding WiFi credentials before moving back to your network for this use-case.

Also, I’m assuming this is a DIY setup, if this is the case, keep in mind that most WiFi cards are unsupported at this time, as they normally contain proprietary firmware blobs. See this related issue - [feat] Add ability to add non-free software (namely for DIY wi-fi) · Issue #2078 · Start9Labs/embassy-os · GitHub

Thank you for the response. I agree with the sentiment about discouraging wifi use. My issue is not I don’t have access to an ethernet on the router, but rather that my laptop does not physically have an ethernet port. That said, I can confirm that a simple USB-C to RJ45 adapter is all I needed to get it working and I am happy with this solution.

fwiw I think an ethernet port should be added to the hardware requirements in the DIY guide. Thanks again.

Good idea, I’ll get this added to the DIY guide right away and it will be included on the next docs publish.

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