Installing Start9 on a VPS

Hi everyone,

Becuase of frequent travel and moving, I’m trying to install Start9 on a cloud hosted KVM running Rocky Linux 9 using Docker (no previous experience). So far I have the OS running and have installed Docker on it.

Before I continue, I have a few questions:

  1. Is what I am trying to do possible?

  2. I couldn’t find any information about an existing Start9 Docker image so looking to create it from the ISO using this guide

  3. On Github, I see two x86_64 ISO images, one has “nonfree” in the name. Which one should I use? (I have purchased a Start9 license a few years ago, if the nonfree happens refers to that).

Sorry for the n00b questions. Any other tips or available guides for getting this to work are highly appreciated!

StartOS is a Linux distribution, not an “app” or “package” that you can just install like some other popular projects. Everything for the OS to run (like docker, for example) is included. You’ll need to install the OS directly - luckily it sounds like your provider supports this, since you already installed a non-standard distro. Non-free will be recommended in this case, since you likely require proprietary firmware to install on VPS hardware. Let us know how this goes - we designed this system specifically for folks to run their own cloud, rather than running in the cloud, but theoretically it will work.