Is anyone using Start9 as a potential offline IIAB (Internet in a Box)?

Wondering if this could work or since there’s no WiFi I should just do a RP5 build dedicated for this grid-down scenario.

Here’s a closed-source version of what I’m talking about

I think it would work just fine.

The key, for me, would be to rip a couple of terrabytes of tutorials from YouTube and set them up in Jellyfin. That wouldn’t be easy, and would take a good bit of time since YouTube would try to make any automated approach to do this as difficult as possible.

So it would be awesome to have…

  1. Something that can help with automating YouTubes downloads
  2. A plugin for Jellyfin that works the same as the IMDB one for fetching meta data

I’m not sure either exists.

Downloading text documents would be easy enough too.

I’m not sure how/why wifi would come into things, since the internet going down is not going to affect your home LAN.