Is it okay to store Start9 Backups in cloud?

I have my Start9 LND node backing up to a Synology on my local network.

Is it safe to have those backup files replicated to the cloud? I’m using Backblaze B2 to backup my Synology using Synology CloudSync, so I’m wondering if there is any risk to my LND on-chain wallet if I have the Start9 backup files in the cloud.

I am not personally familiar with your setup. I am sure others will chime in and offer suggestions. I know generally speaking Start9 does not recommend backing up to a centralized cloud. The type and level of encryption may help, but I tend to avoid the cloud as much as possible

StartOS backups are encrypted with your master password. This ought to be generally safe to store wherever you would like, as long as you have a very strong master password. That said, we obviously cannot officially recommend or support any third party cloud services at this time.

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I have enabled Encryption for the Synology CloudSync backup, so there is an additional layer of encryption before files are sent to Backblaze B2.

I think this will be sufficient given the limited funds / data that I might have on my Start9.