Is it possible to access an external drive thru either File Browser or Nextcloud

Hello. Just wondering if I can access an external hard drive plugged into my server pure, that just has a lot of files on it, thru either File Browser or Nextcloud. I don’t see the option to access or mount it anywhere. Just curious, thanks.

Hi @JordanPendley, ideally you would use the drive that your Pure has by default. StartOS is set up to allow only one data drive, or you can split out the OS onto one and the data onto another, but this tends to be an inefficient option on the former, since StartOS doesn’t take up much space on its own. The most straightforward approach for you to follow in this case would be to upload the files that are currently on your external hard drive to your Pure via the Nextcloud and/or File Browser service UIs (accessible either via desktop or web). I do this frequently with Nextcloud and have found it to be a fantastic user experience. Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks for the info. I appreciate it!

If you have a ton of data, and wish to move it directly, this is possible via the underlying Linux CLI. You would basically plug in your drive, SSH in, mount the drive, and move or copy the files over. We do not support this, but it should be straightforward. This does presume that you wish to store those files on your server drive, of course.


Note there is an open issue to have StartOS be able to support multiple drives: Extending hard drives · Issue #2060 · Start9Labs/start-os · GitHub
Last comment on this one was: It is not currently being worked on, planned for after the big 040 release.

ah ok cool, thanks for that update