Is there a way to send and receive zaps using Start9 Core Lightning Node?

is there any way to use the CLN on Start9 to be able to send and receive zaps on nostr? I am just starting out and trying to see what I can and cant do without having to be on a custodial wallet.

In order to send zaps on Nostr using your CLN node on StartOS you could set up Alby using this guide.

Once the Alby browser extension is set up you can use it to act like a bridge between your Node and your preferred Nostr client by importing your Nostr Public Key.

Make sure to give the extension a secure password and even setting up specific daily budgets so no crazy spending can go on without you noticing.

It is also recommended to backup your Alby recovery phrase in case something goes wrong.

Happy zapping!! :grin:


Also check out Nostr Wallet Connect, which was just released. This should make linking all these services easier.

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I have done all of this. It seems to connect fine. But then when I try to send sats from one alby account to my alby account attached to my LND node, I am getting a 400: no_route

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

This means you don’t have a route between the 2 nodes. Do you have channels open on your LND node?