Is this a TOR issue?

I see this some what frequently, it ends up causing Sparrow to have to reconnect ? I am assuming its just TOR, those are logs from the OS

I am running Sparrow on StartOS and have been monitoring this as well. I assumed it was an issue with intermittent Tor connection but could be wrong. Perhaps @remcoros will weigh in on this. But simply refreshing the browser brings the sparrow wallet right back up in my case. He is also releasing updates fairly quickly. Keep track of the latest version here Releases · remcoros/sparrow-webtop-startos · GitHub

The logs indicate something with startos websocket, afaik, that’s only used for the StartOS user interface. Are you having connection issues in sparrow, or was that more of an assumption/question because of the logs? They seem unrelated.

Tor can be a bit unstable at times. I test this a bit by retrieving the PayNim in sparrow, sometimes it can take quite a while. When disabling tor, it’s pretty quick.

If sparrow is open, it will keep running, no need to keep a tab open. Having an active tab open just means it’s sending a video stream of the desktop to your browser. There’s no effects on power or sleep settings.

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Spent some time monitoring mixes on Sparrow yesterday, it does appear that Sparrow webtop looses connection and then automatically reconnects and joins a new mix, however I believe it is happening often enough to prevent my postmix transactions to be included in subsequent mixes.
So last night I shut webtop down and open my desktop version for a comparison, all the log events have ceased completely and my postmix has completed 4 mixes.
I should have some time this week to try some connection changes to see if that helps, will let you know what I find out.

Thanks for helping test. Your experience sounds similar to mine so far.

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Quick update, over 24 hrs with out a single error log in the OS logs, I decided to look @ a few of Mix TRX using the links in Sparrow desktop and got these logs in the electrs

And shortly after that I witnessed error logs in OS

Also checked the Sparrow logs and it does show that connection was lost and that it had to reconnect for a new mix

I double-checked the trace of the logs in the 2nd screenshot, that really is unrelated and happens even with sparrow service turned off. It is the code that handles the log streams of StartOS to the browser. So when you are looking at the log window in StartOS, sometimes the websocket gets interrupted, and this error is logged. You can verify this by stopping Sparrow, and follow the logs of any other (busy) service, like bitcoin core. It will still happen.

The first i’ve not yet seen, but would be something Sparrow is doing. The StartOS wrapper is not doing any electrs calls itself. So if Sparrow is doing things inefficiently according to electrs, that would also happen if you connect to it from your regular desktop. This might be worth reporting to the Sparrow repo.

The third, yea, that looks directly related, and I would suspect Tor or network being unstable. Can you paste the full text logs of that last one?

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Not sure how much you need

I’m just testing this now again over Tor and seeing the same. Tab open or closed doesn’t matter. It seems Tor is just too slow/unreliable for more direct communication like this (to whirlpool), I noticed it times out after 30 seconds, which might not be enough. Retrieving fee pools from is also very slow over Tor now.
When I disable Tor, it immediately connects and it’s now joining mixes.

I also found this: Sparrow seems unable to reliably(?) connect to Whirlpool servers for remixes · Issue #688 · sparrowwallet/sparrow · GitHub where the same issue is discussed.

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Just as an update, I’ve let Sparrow run without Tor for last days, and 2 postmixes were done last night while I was asleep. There are a few “Gateway” errors logged, they appear to be on whirlpool side, but reconnects automatically. I see these kind of errors also on my local Sparrow.log file.

From what I’ve read, postmix can be really random and it all depends on how many new Tx0 transactions are done, and if your postmix utxo gets randomly picked by the pool. Some days you won’t have any, some days multiple.

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That is what I have also witnessed here on my instance of Sparrow, I have several UTXO’s in 3 pools, 0.001, 0.01 & 0.05. The 0.01 pool is currently much further ahead of the other in mixes

I have been mixing since 1/27

Yea, it seems the smallest pool does not have so many new Tx0 than the higher pools. It works though, so that’s great!

Too bad Tor is often so unstable to make this work over Tor.

BTW: since you have been testing early versions. It is released on the community beta registry now, but with a new ‘package id’. This means, when you install it from the marketplace, you will get a new service in StartOS also called ‘Sparrow’. They can run side-by-side, but it would be best to copy your Sparrow wallet from the old to the new one. (or just start over/import from seed). Since the previous versions won’t get any updates anymore.

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Just a follow up, Sparrow Webtop seems to have been running fine since I last posted, just restarted server after weekly backup , figured i would keep thread alive. I am assuming this is just Tor connectivity issue?

Logs show that it has disconnected and reconnected 5 times in the last hour, it has not seemed to affect webtop running though?

That is the browser disconnecting from the log stream of the StartOS user interface, nothing to do with the service and happens with all other services too if you keep its log screen open.
Can happen because chrome for example puts your tab in low power mode and/or disconnects from the websocket. It automatically reconnects when you activate the tab again, StartOS is being a bit too chatty about it :slight_smile:

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