Issue with Jam on Start9

Hello guys,

I can’t get Jam to run on my Start9 Node.

StartOS: 0.3.5~1
Jam: 0.1.6~1
Health Check shows
Success : The JAM API is accessible and responding
Success : JAM is ready to visit in a web browser
Dependencies Bitcoin Core 26.0.0 RPC Success and Synced

I can access the GUI and was able to send a few sats to the wallet. But I am not able to use the JoinMarket.

In the log I always get an [INFO] Failed to connect to peer
I hope you have some ideas

Do you mean JAM logs? JAM connects to one of a few centralized order book servers to be able to take or make join offers. Looks like it just can’t connect right now. Could be a tor issue, or maybe the server is just down. It should recover on its own.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t mean the logs in the service jam but the logs on the service page of jam (Services - Jam - Menu - Logs)

Yes, it looks like it is a timeout issue.

(Excessive) timeouts generally point to resource constriction. Be sure that your hardware has plenty of CPU/RAM available. We can advise if you want to list your setup.

Thanks for the explanation, I am running Start9 on a NUC virtualized with Proxmox. 4 cores and 16gb ram for the VM

This should be enough - is Bitcoin choking at all? Check the logs