LAN connection breaks after about a day, TOR keeps working

I have a dedicated start9 machine on my local network.

After about a day, my Start9 connection via LAN stops working. Safari (iOS) and Firefox (linux) (both previously working w/root CA) refuse to connect. The Sparrow connection to Bitcoin core also breaks when this happens.

The TOR connection continues to function though. Start9 web interface and Sparrow connection to Electrs via Tor still functions.

Start9 interface loads with local IP address but not https://adjective-noun.local address.

I can Restart via System menu w/local IP address, no change.

Pulling the plug (power cycle) on my Start9 machine seems to be the only thing that works to make the LAN connection work again.


It’s specifically the pulling the plug that doesn’t make immediate sense, as that is no different from a standard reboot via the UI.

Non-rebooted client systems + plus a rebooted server (in some way or another) suddenly making it work would obviously suggest the issue is with the connection between the server and the router.

It might make sense to reboot the router next time, and see if that fixes the issue.

Other than that, I would be useful to have you describe…

  1. Your networking setup
  2. Your version of StartOS

…to add context.

Sure, seems like router restart is another good one to check.

StartOS Info



StartOS is connected to pfSense router via ethernet. Wifi router in bridge mode is also connected to pfSense, devices I’m using to access Start9 are through this Wifi connection. Hope that helps.

The problem almost certainly lies in your network setup. Please connect your server directly to your router with an ethernet cable and let us know if the problem goes away.