LAN Connections to Services

I’ve worked through all of the guides. Root cert, using a diff browser, reinstall Bonjour, clearing cache, restart server, restart router, user account control, windows firewall on/off, router firewall on/off, etc etc etc. I can access LAN connections for my server from my iPhone but not from my desktop browsers. I can access the server itself with a local connection. Just none of the services. I can access all services with a TOR browser from this terminal.

Any suggestions for a next step? I want to make sure I have a reliable LAN connection for things like Thunderhub so I don’t lose reliable access if TOR is having issues. And for doing large file dumps to the server. Thanks.

This is almost certainly still going to be an issue with Bonjour on Windows.

If you can access all services from non-Windows devices, and access all services over Tor, then the problem isn’t with the server, but with the Windows device.

Reinstalling Bonjour often helps, but if you like you can give the new process a try which should ‘stick’ right away and work every time.

It worked. I now have LAN access via htpps. You are awesome. Now onward to the next headache I created opening my first Lightning channel lol. Thanks for your help.

Just replied to that! Feel free to hope onto Telegram if you need some help in realtime.