Lightning 101 - Overview of running a node

I’m looking to start running a lightning node on my DIY Start9 as a learning project. Is there an overview that I can read?

My knowledge of Lightning is I have a wallet on my phone with a couple of hundred dollars in it and that Lightning can be used for smaller transactions at a cost that is next to nothing.

I’m looking for something that describes what nodes do and what it takes to keep one up and running. At some point in the future I want to accept Lightning as payment in a side business I am developing.


We have a short guide for opening your first channel. If you do not know much about how Lightning works, I would recommend spending some time learning about the how the network works in general, as well as how liquidity works in specific before committing funds to your node.

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For additional information on running a lightning node, I suggest you also take a look at: Getting started - PlebNet Wiki

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