Linux Version to choose when creating a new Virtual Machine using Oracle VM VirtualBox

I am about about to create a new Virtual Machine using Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager that will be used to run Start9.

I will try startos- first from Releases · Start9Labs/start-os · GitHub

If there is a particular flavor of Linux that should be specified in the Version drop-down list, please say so here. Otherwise I’m just choosing “Other Linux (64-bit)” here and will hope for the best.

Doubt it would matter, but you could choose a Debian flavor.

Agree with Stu - StartOS has a Debian kernel at the lowest level

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Dave’s context is very much worth adding, that StartOS is based on Debian. If doing something with StartOS that at any time requires specific steps/instructions for a flavor of Linux, the Debian/Ubuntu/Mint etc way would be the way to go.

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