LND Lightning Node Connect

I’m currently connected to my LND node on my Embassy Pro using Zeus and LND (REST).

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to connect using LND (Lightning Node Connect) ?

Currently when I scan the Config QR Codes for either LND Connect gRPC URL or LND Connect REST URL under the LND service Properties, Zeus shows these as LND (REST) and not LND (Lightning Node Connect)

Heh, just got it to work. LND (Lightning Node Connect) comes bundled with Lightning Terminal, so simply install that. Nice and snappy!

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Yes, we are in the process of updating guides constantly, especially in regard to BN/LN integrations. If you feel called, you can help out by throwing in a PR for your connection process here: documentation/lightning-integrations.rst at master · Start9Labs/documentation · GitHub

Cool, will post next week - just taking some time off this week :slight_smile: