LND - Syncing to graph

With the internet speed shown on the graph below, does anyone know how long it can take to synchronise LND with the graph? After I had to close a couple of exhausted channels and performed the corresponding manoeuvres, I had to stop dependent apps, uninstall, reinstall and basically configure LND-app three hours ago or so.

Please let me know your suggestion.


Hey guys, It has been synchronised! It took approximately four hours :sweat_smile: It was not necessary to restart the server or any other manoeuvre.

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The initial sync can take some time, as you’ve discovered. You’ll find it sometimes also takes a while after something has happened… like a sudden stop, upgrade etc. In those cases, if it’s taking more than several minutes then it might be stuck. Your instinct to restart is a good one in this case… but just restart the LND service itself, rather than the whole server so that you can keep Bitcoin Core running.

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