LND vs Core Lightning

A beginner’s question, I know it may be irritating, but I couldn’t find the answer on the forum.

  • I run LND and use Thunderhub and RTL to open channels.
  • I’ve sent some SATs and open a channel.
  1. what is difference between LND and Core Lightning
  2. What will happened if I decide to change in Thunderhub/RTL config from LND to Core Lightning? Still I will have the same funds and channels? Or there is some integration I need to do?

Hi there, this might be a great place for you to start learning about the two → WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LND AND CLN? by Voltage.

Thunderhub & RTL are Node Management softwares, so connecting them to either Lightning Node will just have them be the frontend you can use to manage that specific node you changed to.

There is nothing wrong with running both a LND and a CLN node on your start9 Server at the same time. The funds of each node will be separate as they run as two separate Nodes & you can even open up channels between them if you’d like.