Looking for a dev project ideas

Greeting Satart9 Community.

I am a flextirment boomer who is looking for a new goal/project to keep learning. As my handle states, I am old but better that then the alternative. Started writing code at age 14 in basic on a Apple2. Played with a lot of punch cards too. I don’t use Fortran anymore, but I still have clients with COBOL (Not my favorite).

Found Start9 and I am impressed with what I see and Matt Hill’s YouTube presentations. I would like to get involved by starting on a small project. I have not done any rust development so I think I might start there. Any ideas of a project that would have some value to the community to start with? I need a goal.

It is not like there is much to learn with Noster, Bitcoin, privacy, and the millions of other things I am lacking in knowledge.

I’m looking forward to being part of this community



here is a link where projects people are interested in get upvoted https://startos.fans/

here is the link for packaging software. Keep in mind this will get an overhaul with the release of 0.3.6 and it should be easier then Start9 | Service Packaging

Here is the link explaining Start9’s market place strategy Start9's Marketplace Strategy

Here is the telegram chat link for Devs Telegram: Contact @start9_labs

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Thanks Rick. I think I will wait until 0.3.6 docs are available. I did notice that Docker has been replaced by Podman on my 3.5.1 boxes. I have one for me personally and another to experiment with. Lots to learn.

Is there a preview of 0.3.6 “Service Packaging” Docs? I did notice that the current Docs mention a Docker requirment but Podman is the installed container app. I’m not sure that it is a good idea to have both Docker and Podman mixed on the server OS level. Thanks I will move to other learning of the system for now.

Not yet and with 0.3.6 they will switch to LXC container. I haven’t learned packaging well yet either… It is a goal of mine, but I am waiting for upgrade and the new docs to be released. Might not be a bad idea, since your just getting in. But if you pop on the telegram chat level, you can at least get a feel for the Dev community and some of the things they are currently up to

There are a lot of interesting projects that could be added to start9 marketplace.


To name a few

I am hoping to see element packaged to be able to run a liquid full node, but I have been told it might be to large to package. I started to learn packaging but decided to wait until 0.3.6 since many things will change.

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