Losing WiFi connection

StartOS doesn’t see the built-in Wifi of my NUC10, so I use a dongle, which I can install with nmcli, and I can even set it to autoconnect yes. But after half an hour or so, the WiFi connection drops.
Can I switch off some power-saving mode to avoid this, or write it manually into some settings file?


Being a server, it is always recommended to use an Ethernet connection instead of Wifi for greater reliability and constant uptime.
You could check in your NUC10’s BIOS settings for any power saving or sleep options and disable them.
In your specific case since it is a DIY server it might be related to a missing driver which can be obtained by flashing the StartOS non-free version.

Sounds like driver issues all round to me, including the connection drop. As Alvaro says, there’s a “non-free” image that you hopefully used that contains a number of proprietary drivers to make hardware we don’t support more likely to work, but obviously not every possible driver.

Wifi is going away in upcoming versions of StartOS, so it might not be worth trying to solve.

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