Macaroon (hex) for Alby Wallet

There is a very interesting topic with the title “How to get the default macaroons on LND , on a Start9?”. However, it does not take me to the solution to fill out the Alby service fields myself.

I would like to know please how to locate in any of these applications -Bitcoin Core, Core Lightning, Lightning Terminal, BTCPay Server, electrs, LND- the “Macaroon (hex)” what Alby Wallet requests, in order to connect to my own node? See screenshot.

You have to ssh to your start9 server and run this:

sudo xxd -ps -u -c 1000 /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/lnd/data/main/public/admin.macaroon

You should get your macaroon in hex format.

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Thank you for the response with the probable solution.
While I understand, “SSH” means “Secure Shell”, right?
To run the Script you share with me, do you suggest that I do this in the Terminal app, or in what way?? As main system I am using OSX.

There’s a guide to getting started with SSH on StartOS → here.

If you don’t feel comfortable with it, there’s no reason to really have to get under the hood.

Is there a reason why your trying to do this manually? Connecting Alby to your LND node is quick and easy.

Guide 1 (Here)

  • This shows how to navigate the Alby UI, where Start9 is an option. This connects Alby to your LND node directly, with access to all of your funds.

Guide 2 (Here)

  • If you don’t like the idea of Alby having full access to your funds, you can add LNbits as an intermediary, create a wallet there, and then connect that to Alby.
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Guide 1 and Guide 2 links result in 404

There has been a significant rearrangement of the documentation since then. You can find the updated links here and here.